Second Phase Of Detroit’s City Bus Service Expansion Begins

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Last August Mayor Mike Duggan announced a large expansion project for the Detroit Department of Transportation (DDOT). For the past six months DDOT has been improving services throughout the city.

The second phase of the expansion starts today. This expansion will add 650 trips a week to the schedule, bringing the total number of trips added since September up to 1,300.

“Every chance we get, we are going to keep expanding our bus service so Detroiters can connect to jobs and other opportunities,” said Mayor Mike Duggan.  “We have made significant strides in our service over the past few years and are going to moving in that direction until Detroiters have a world class public transportation system.”

There are four ways DDOT is improving services. They’re adding more 24-hour routes, adding new direct/ express routes, making trips more frequent and expanding the hours.

Last year the city had zero 24-hour routes, after today there will be nine.

Three more routes will now run 24 hours a day, seven days a week; #25 Jefferson, #48 Van Dyke/Lafayette, and #37 Michigan.

The new direct and express routes will connect more neighborhoods to Downtown, Midtown, and New Center. The commute time will also be cut up to 30 minutes in each direction.

The new routes are, according to the city:

  • #80 Villages Direct will connect neighborhoods along E. Jefferson, Kercheval and E. Lafayette to major employers in Midtown and New Center
  • #89 Southwest Direct will connect neighborhoods along W. Vernor and other areas of Soutwest Detroit to major employers in Midtown and New Center.
  • #92 Rosedale Express will connect residents in the densely populated Grandmont Rosedale area of the city to Downtown.

The routes that will get expanded and more frequent trips will be:

#22 Greenfield
Earlier morning and later night service every day. More frequent evening service on weekdays.

#32 McNichols

Earlier morning service westbound and later night service eastbound on weekdays.

You can find all of the bus schedules for DDOT here.

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