Pewabic Planning A 2,500 Square Foot Expansion, Currently Raising Funds

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Detroit’s Pewabic is looking to expand their facility to double production capacity. The new expansion would be used for a 2,500 square foot tile studio.

The new wing (in blue in the drawing below) will be located along Hurlbut Street and the alley.

The building will be a single story, and is designed to match the historic character of the rest of the Pewabic campus. The renderings were designed by inForm Studio.

The expansion will allow the artisans there the ability to double the production capacity. The new studio will also have a lot of windows, to help bring in natural light and ventilation.

The current tile pressing and mold rooms are pretty small. There is limited space to make and store the plaster molds that they use to make the tiles. According to Pewabic, there is not enough space to press, dry, and store the tiles they currently make.

In the past four years Pewabic has added two new kilns that can produce 1,800 square feet of tiles every month. However, the tile studio only has space for 1,000 sq. feet of tiles.

Pewabic is currently raising money for the expansion. They will need to raise $350,000 by April 15, 2017 to begin construction. They have already received a $70,000 grant from the Michigan Council of Arts and Cultural Affairs. More information is here. Pewabic is a nonprofit, so donations are tax deductible.

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