Detroit Ranks As One Of The Most Bike Friendly Cities In America

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Detroit bike city seems to be becoming more and more of a thing.

When you peruse sites like EfficientGov for fun, you find some interesting things. Including love for Detroit’s biking scene.

If you’ve participated in Detroit’s Slow Roll, biked Belle Isle or biked to work on a great day, it turns out Detroit’s street plan works out pretty well for those on two wheels.

Add that to new bike lanes and more protection for bicyclists as well as more bike shops and part of Detroit’s future might be on two wheels.

The list, put together for EfficientGov by, highlights Detroit:

The city of Detroit supports efforts to promote bike tours. Dedicated bike lanes can be found around the city’s best attractions and other heavily trafficked areas, which provide safety as well as recreation for cyclists and tourists. In addition, public and private projects are underway to connect Detroit to other locations in Michigan and Canada, making it easier for cyclists to travel longer distances by bike.

They didn’t mention the new downtown bike share opening this year or directly the work underway for the Iron Belle trail.

How did other cities fare? Chicago, Illinois came in at number 10. Then Austin, Texas; Boulder, Colorado; Philadelphia, PA; Cincinnati, OH. Above Detroit was New York, NY; San Francisco, CA; Portland, OR; and topping the list? Minneapolis, Minnesota.

The whole thing you can find here. 

Embedded above is a video from Slow Roll last year.

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