Nano-Roasting New Order Coffee Aims To Open On Woodward This Spring

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There will be a new coffee shop coming to the Crystal Loft Building on Woodward Avenue this spring called New Order Coffee.

That’s the same building that is home to the acclaimed restaurant Grey Ghost and was home to the Ye Olde Butcher Shoppe a few years ago.

New Order Coffee will be roasting small batches of coffee beans on site in electric fluid bed roasters. The term they use for the process is “nano-roasting.”

The coffee beans will be sourced from Latin America, Africa, Asia, and Indonesia.

Coffee lovers will be able to enjoy nitro cold brew, espresso, marshmallow lattes, and other signature lattes. There will be pour overs as well. The shop will have Modbar’s pour over coffee system.

According to an announcement, there will also be plenty of sweet and savory pastries like the “Lemon Poppy Gusher Bundts” and “Butter Bomb Crumb Cakes.”

The coffee shop will be 2,000 square feet and will seat up to 60 people. There will also be a private indoor/outdoor heated patio that guests will be able to enjoy.

New Order worked with et al. Collaborative to design the coffee shop. The space will feel modern with white spaces and accents of aqua and orange.

Currently the owners are working out of their coffee lab in Ferndale. They have plans to open a second location in Ferndale after the Midtown location gets off the ground.

There is not an exact opening date yet, however once we know something we will let you know.

New Order Coffee will be located at 3100 Woodward Avenue in Detroit. Photos of their lab courtesy of New Order Coffee.

Editor’s Note: Some might say this is in Midtown, but according to the city of Detroit’s neighborhood maps, Brush Park extends to the east side Woodward Avenue, and Midtown extends south to I-75 but only on the west side of Woodward. We’re going to categorize it as both as it’s on the border street. 

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