31.3 Reasons To Love Detroit On #313Day

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It’s that time of year again. Although Chicago has recently picked up the ball with #312Day thanks to Goose Island beer, Detroit’s original #313Day reigns supreme in our humble opinion as the best unofficial regional holiday of them all for civic pride.

Because #313Day is to celebrate love for Detroit, let’s set aside the problems (for now) and remember what’s great about the Motor City.

1. Summers on Belle Isle

The view of Detroit's east side from Belle Isle. (c) Daily Detroit file photo
The view of Detroit’s east side from Belle Isle. (c) Daily Detroit file photo

There’s nothing better than the sun on Belle Isle’s beach, or enjoying the breeze at the point overlooking the city’s skyline.

2. Faygo

While you’re enjoying said beach or other attraction, make sure you have your Faygo with you. Rock’n Rye around here, but we understand that there other flavors people like such as Redpop.

3. Slow Roll

If you haven’t been part of it, you don’t know. Nothing like pedaling through the city with thousands of others and great tunes as you roll by some of the best looking bikes in the city.

4. Better Made Chips

via Better Made Facebook

Yeah, I’ve taped the open bag to my handlebars while biking before. Why not? Here are a bunch of cool facts about them.

5. The Dequindre Cut

This newish gem is a must-see. It’s great to have this kind of path in the city that’s perfect for walking, biking, or running. Or just laying on the grass for a minute to catch your breath.

6. The Tigers, Red Wings and Pistons

These three sports teams always have the heart of Detroiters and once in awhile bring home a championship. Did you know that in 1935-36 Detroit was the “City of Champions” and every major sports team won their league (except the Pistons as they didn’t exist yet)?

7. And even the Lions.

Yes, Detroit loves you too. Can we get a Superbowl at some point?

8. Art is freakin’ everywhere

There’s art everywhere if you look. Beautiful statues, amazing graffiti, even the most basic of buildings having flourishes of detail. And the fashion, too. Check out the Detroit Institute of Arts or the Scarab Club for more indoors.

9. BBQ

If you don’t know Detroit’s BBQ, then you don’t know Detroit. Whether it’s an indie thing like what Greedy Greg would run on the east side, or Parks Old Style BBQ, Motor City Soul Food or sure, Slows – but from the experience of living here, the best I guarantee will be from your neighbor. Or maybe your is better. Settle it kindly over the backyard fence over a couple of Stroh’s.

10. BTW, Stroh’s is brewed here again

In case you missed the memo, a version of Stroh’s is brewed here again at Brew Detroit.

11. Our ridiculous cable commercials

Our commercials can be so crazy Comedy Central’s show Detroiters is centered around a small agency making them and they’re of various quality levels but we love them the same.

Who had the idea for Fidel Castro to pitch Stroh’s?

And freaking talking animals. This commercial was made for today.

And Kid Rock is keeping the tradition alive, blowing up Chinese-made grills.

12. Memories of the New Dance Show

If you know, you know. If you don’t, you missed out.

13. Amazing musicians

There’s so much good music that’s come out of Detroit. Motown, of course. Eminem. Kid Rock. Juan Atkins. Jack White. George Clinton. It goes on and on and on.

14. Drinking in places that seem like they’re going to fall over

Some of the places have seen repairs, but nothing seems to be more fun than drinks in shack like Tom’s Tavern, or the old porch of the Stone House, or countless others. As long as the liquor pours, we’re there and we love it. If it’s too nice – it’s almost like we don’t like it as much.

15. Coneys

This city never ever disappoints. A little #Albanian music with your coneys. I love you, #Detroit

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Because of course.

16. Techno

Yes, we covered musicians, but from Movement to Charivari to all the independent, this is the birthplace of a genre that has spawned so much more in music around the world.

17. Eastern Market

It’s a Detroit tradition to head down the market, enjoy the sunshine and get yourself some fresh produce, and/or eat at Russell Street.

18. Detroit Style Pizza

Photo via Belle Isle Pizza.

Our pizza is our own and it’s the best. So much so, other cities are copying it like Brooklyn and Seattle.

19. Our riverfront is one of the best city walks in the WORLD

That’s right. And here’s what it used to look like before. It’s proof Detroit can make awesome new places if we set our minds to it.

20. The spirit of our soccer club

Jon DeBoer/DCFC

If you didn’t know soccer (or futbol) was already in our area in a big way, well it is. The Detroit City FC oozes Detroit spirit, bringing thousands out to games that are part contest, part carnival.

21. Sweet cars

A Ford outside a car show. Daily Detroit photo.

Look, this is the Motor City and if you don’t love one of those classics rolling by, you might want to check if you have a pulse.

22. Motown

Motown Museum. Daily Detroit Photo.
Motown Museum. Daily Detroit Photo.

Speaking of cars, as we’re the Motor City the Motown sound is from here and rightly has a museum in honor of it.

23. We love our area code so much we made a day out of it

You know we were the first to assign private phone numbers, right? Back in 1879. The 313 area code dates back to just after World War II – 1947.

24. Paczki

25. Our Thanksgiving Parade

Santa at America’s Thanksgiving Parade in Detroit, 2016. Daily Detroit photo.

It’s pretty amazing. If you haven’t traveled and seen others, you might not realize just how good we have it.

26. We root for the upstarts and dreamers

“Shu” Harris

Whether it’s Mama Shu making her dream of a homework house happen in Highland Park, the brothers of McClure’s pickles, the fragrances of Sfumato or many more instances, Detroit supports local.

27. Weather gossip

Meme via IT in the D Facebook

OK, follow us on this one. Although you may or may or may not like the weather at this moment, one of the cool things about Michigan is that it’s almost always changing. So you can decide to look at the sunny side of the street – it’s “eventful.” And Detroiters LOVE to talk about the weather.

28. Sandwiches

An epic sammie is a special thing in Detroit. Our delis are loved so much they are almost religious institutions.

29. Churches

Old St. Mary’s Church interior

Speaking of religious institutions, our churches are beautiful and the communities within them even more so.

30. Our habit of adding the letter “s” on things

Meijer = Meijers. Ford = Fords. It’s the kind of imperfection that makes a love more perfect.

31. The spirits and brews of Detroit

Ghettoblaster label

Whether it’s Two James, Detroit City Distillery, 8 Mile, Rusted Crow… the list goes on and on when it comes to Detroit-made booze. Oh, and can’t forget the beer, whether it’s the time-tested Ghettoblaster from Motor City Brewing Works or one of the newer beers, Detroit has it all.

31.3 Nothing stops Detroit

It’s true. We’re a city that’s been on the ropes multiple times but we keep getting back up. We can accomplish as a people anything we decide we truly want to do.

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