With a name like Detroit Blows, you’re bound to get a lot of attention from people. I know that’s what caught my attention.

At first I thought it was someone who has something nasty to say about our fine city, then I checked out the Detroit Blows Instagram account.

They plan on creating a salon that will specialize in blow outs and express manicures, express pedicures, and other “finishing services” like eyebrow grooming, make up, and lash applications.

According to the company backgrounder information the name choice was intentional.

“The name is undoubtedly attention-grabbing and is meant to be a testament not only to the salon’s core business of blowouts, but to the city’s resilience; it is a re-appropriation of the long history of blows the city has withstood.”

Dreams become things. Katy Cockrel + Nia Batts, co-founders, @detroitblows. 💪💭#beyondtheblowout

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Katy Cockrel and Nia Batts are the co-owners of Detroit Blows, and both are Detroit natives.

Connecting with them via email, they wanted to create a space where women of every ethnicity could come get a blow out without having to leave the city to do it. In order for the salon to accommodate all hair types they will offer traditional and roller-set blow dry practices.

The company is set up as a social enterprise, and they will be donating money to Detroit-based female owned businesses and programs. For every flat rate blow-dry service they will donate $1, and if you buy anything in the salon they will donate a portion of it to the selected business.

Detroit Blows is expected to open this summer. The location of the salon has yet to be announced.

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