A New National Geographic Explorer Correspondent Is From Metro Detroit

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It is always nice to see someone from Metro Detroit make it to national television.

For the next ten months, Macomb resident Erin Winters will be the Digital Correspondent for National Geographic’s Explorer.

Winters was one of 600 people to submit a video for the National Geographic contest Assignment: Explorer. She eventually became one of three finalists. The three finalists were each given a topic and were required to produce a story in three days.

In the end her video won, and she is now the first ever Digital Correspondent for Explorer. She will provide local and global stories for the show.

“I look forward to the experience. I know that National Geographic is a huge step in my career. Right now I work as the spokes person for a local credit union,” said Winters. “To go from this to working for National Geographic is a huge step. I look forward to the connections I will make from it. I’m really excited because this a roll that no one has had before.”

Winters fell in love with broadcast journalism when she was in 6th grade after a visit to Detroit’s Fox 2 News Station. Years later she would receive a four year fellowship to work at the same station while going to Howard University. Last year she graduated with a degree in broadcast journalism.

She attributes her work ethic to growing up in Detroit.

“I think that growing up in Detroit has given me this steadfast mentality of getting where I want to be and working hard for what I get,” said Winters. “I think that that has shaped the way I perceive stories, how I interact with people and how I tell their stories.”

You can catch Erin Winters on Explorer which airs on the National Geographic Channel every Monday night at 10:00 p.m.

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