27 Photos Of Detroit’s March For Science

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Science Made America Great

On Saturday more than a thousand people hit the streets of downtown Detroit in the name of science.

The crowd was protesting the de-emphasis of science in American life and in policy making. The purpose of the march, according to organizers, was to give the opportunity and the forum for scientists and science enthusiasts to publicly take a stand and be counted in support of scientific research, scientific education and evidence-based policies.

When it comes to government, an examples of this includes a proposed 31 percent cut to the Environmental Protection Agency.

As to civic life, some were concerned about the lowering vaccination rate in the nation. According to the state of Michigan, just 29 percent of teens from the age of 13-18 are up to date with their vaccinations.

Others were focused on reproductive health and freedom; global warming and climate change; as well as issues around the Great Lakes and funding for the $300 million Great Lakes Restoration Initiative that is also proposed to be cut almost completely by the Trump administration.

Marches occurred in hundreds of cities around the country, including Washington D.C.

The march in Detroit was peaceful and orderly, going from Hart Plaza, up Woodward to about Grand Circus Park, and back, with chants like “Make America Think Again.”

Below is a sampling of what we saw.

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