Area College Creates Puppy Program For Students To Raise And Train Leader Dogs For The Blind

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College is a time of growth. New experiences. Learning new things. For people… and now, for puppies.

Leader Dogs For The Blind has a new partnership with Rochester College, located in Oakland County. They have created the RC-Campus Puppy Program, as a way to help the organization get more volunteers to raise and train puppies.

The program will pair up six students and puppies. The puppies will be raised and trained to become Leader Dogs. There is an application process for students to be considered for the program.

Once selected, the student and puppy pair will be together between 12 and 15 months while the puppy goes through rigorous training.

Allen (pictured above) is a part of Rochester College’s accelerated learning program and is pursuing an online degree in leadership.

The college is so committed to this new program that they have designated a special residence hall specifically for the RC-Campus Puppy Program. The students and puppies will stay in the residence hall as a way to create a community that can support one another.

If you are interested in getting involved with Leader Dogs For The Blind for yourself, you can find out more information on the organization’s website.

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