Check Out The Newly Reopened Inn At 97 Winder

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There are houses in Detroit that stick out in my memory. Most of them are the ones that I will never have the money to buy.

Like 97 Winder for example. I wish I had the $2.5 million back in 2011 when the property went on the market the first time.

It took a few years, but The Inn at 97 Winder finally sold last December.

Photos courtesy of Tom Crane.

The former Harvey Mansion will continue to be an inn, and it is managed by Access Hotels and Resorts.

There was a soft opening in April, the official Grand Opening will happen later this month.

I was able to take a tour of the inn, and to say it is beautiful is an understatement. Considering the former owners reportedly spent $1 million to renovate and furnish the inn I should expect nothing less.

The home might have been built in 1876, but the previous owners played around with different design eras. I personally love that they were playful with some of the decor, because otherwise it might have felt too stuffy.

So let’s dive into the tour, with photos courtesy of Tom Crane.

Guests have free reign of the main floor of the Inn. Which includes:

Three parlors…

a formal dining room…

breakfast nook…

and a kitchen with a beverage station. The Inn offers breakfast every morning, as well as snacks in the afternoon.

There is also a fully finished basement that is set up to host events like weddings, showers, and business meetings.

Let’s move upstairs to the guest rooms. Can we just take a minute to really appreciate that wood floor? Because it is just amazing.

There are 10 unique guest rooms between the second and third floors.

You might be wondering what my favorite guest room is. I’ll give you a hint, it’s the one with the turret and spiral staircase in it.

The staircase goes up into the cutest sitting area. The views from up here are really great, you can see downtown and the new Little Caesars Arena.

Remember how I said each room is different? Here is the Premium King room. 

This is the last guest room I show you, I promise. This is one of the Premium Queen rooms.

Look at that fireplace. Can you just imagine how this house was as a single family home?

You might not see it in the pictures, but every room has a television. There is also high speed internet throughout the Inn, so those modern conveniences are there.

Each room has it’s own bathroom with a shower. There is one guest room with a shower and a Jacuzzi tub, but I didn’t get a chance to see it.

Throughout my tour the thing that I kept coming back to was the attention to detail. All of the beautiful details from when the house was built are celebrated, but things have also been updated.

Staying here is going to cost you some money. On their reservations website, a few different days showed sample prices between $199-$379 a night depending on which room you chose.

But in reality it is on par with what you might spend to stay at some of the other hotels in downtown like the Book Cadillac or the newly opened Detroit Foundation Hotel, a place I stopped by earlier this year.

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