The Eight Mile Boulevard Association has chosen the artist whose winning design will become a mural on the wall of a vacant building near Livernois to kick off its Art on 8 program.

Ndubisi Okoye is a Detroit-based artist and illustrator who has done murals in Detroit for Our/Detroit Vodka building and a design-install project for the General Motors International Singapore Office Project. His work has appeared on HGTV.

The project is funded by a $5,800 grant from Mercedes Benz Financial Services.

“I’m not sure how much I can divulge about the art but it will be an ode to the history and culture of the city of Detroit and to the 8mile and Livernois area,” Ndubisi said in an email.

“I feel blessed to have another opportunity to create a piece of art in the city I’m from and I feel privileged to be a part of the Detroit Renaissance of art as well.”

Okoye works as art director for Southfield-based advertising agency Doner. He is a graduate of Cass Technical High School and the College for Creative Studies who hails from Raleigh, N.C.

On his website, he describes his approach to art like so:

“The linear, circular, geometric, and organic symbols and patterns represent an improvised rhythm throughout my work that is very musical. They are a visual jazz that gives excitement, interest, and spontaneity to the person or place being captured. My subject matter is drawn from people, places, and social issues in the Black and Christian communities. I believe these people and subject matters can give a unique story of how I see the world.”

Volunteers will help install the mural under Okoye’s direction at the building site, 7115 W. Eight Mile Road, on June 20.

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