SNEAK PEEK: New Narrow Way Cafe Is On The Way To Opening

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One of the neatest areas of town is the Avenue of Fashion. If you don’t know about it, you should. It has a ton of history. We just did a big list over here.

If you head down Livernois between 7 and 8 mile, you’re going to find what is shaping up to be a stylish new entrant into the coffee game over there. That’s the Narrow Way Cafe & Shop, tucked next to Kuzzo’s Chicken and Waffles.

It’s a partnership of the Merritt family. That’s a last name some Detroiters would know as the dad is Bishop Andrew Merritt of Straight Gate Church, or for Merit Goodness, a clothing brand where the proceeds go to youth development that is a project of David Merritt.

I caught up with Jonathan Merritt outside the shop, which is a family business co-owned by the Bishop and the brothers.

“What better place to do it (than Livernois) and, it’s not far from the church. We want to do is have a community-based coffee shop,” said Jonathan Merritt, one of the co-owners. “One of the great things about Detroit is the fellowship with the people of understanding Detroit itself. And getting a chance to do that over a cup of coffee, there’s nothing like it.”

Narrow Way Cafe

Part of the project is some help from Zingerman’s Coffee and Bakehouse in Ann Arbor. It’s a special collaboration in that it’s more than just selling their goods, but also mentorship.

“We’re going to be selling is baked goods, coffee, any kind of coffee, espresso drinks, specialties, special drinks, smoothies. We have some amazing smoothies in our line-up. One with the baked pastries, little small menu of food but we are very, very excited about the opportunity to open up within the next weeks,” said Merritt.

Checking out the interior in progress, this looks like one of those places that will have quality stuff and the interior looks to go with it.

One nice touch of the space is the garage door-style entrance that opens the establishment out into the street.

Narrow Way Cafe

The project is a Motor City Match winner, receiving $45,000. Originally planned to open in April, they’re now on track to open in a few weeks.

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