Photo via Belle Isle Pizza.

Downtown Detroit might not need any more burger joints according to the food critic of Detroit’s paper of record. He might be right. But the whole open letter from Mark Kurlyandchik got me thinking about what downtown, Midtown, and New Center is actually lacking when it comes to restaurants.

I’m no seasoned food critic, just a lover of food – but I think I have an answer.

Detroit style pizza.

Sure there is Niki’s, but is it even that good? And that’s just one place.

Pizza Papalis doesn’t count, because it’s specialty is Chicago Style Deep Dish. Little Caesars has a deep dish option.. but no. And outside of Comerica Park, there currently isn’t one in the core of downtown (there is one in a strip mall on Warren).

There area also New York-style pizza places around aplenty.

But sometimes you just need those crispy cheesy corners that only come from Detroit style pizza.

I think that downtown Detroit needs a Buddy’s Pizza. It just makes sense.

Buddy’s Pizza has been making Detroit style pizza since 1946. You can still dine at the original Buddy’s at Conant and 6 Mile, which is great. But out of 11 locations there is only one Buddy’s located in the city of Detroit.

I think it is the perfect time to start looking at spaces around downtown. There are new restaurant opening all the time now, but almost none of them have the name recognition as Buddy’s does.

Could you imagine how popular that location would be? You have the lunch rush, dinner crowd, and all of those fans looking to grab a bite during home games.

Let’s not forget the catering orders they would get from downtown offices.

So what do you think? Do you think downtown needs a place where you can grab some real Detroit style pizza? Or is my idea pizza pie in the sky? Leave it in the comments.

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