PODCAST: A Real Conversation About Entrepreneurship In Detroit With Ned Staebler, CEO Of Techtown

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Ned Staebler is the kind of guy who will tell it to you how it sees it and has experience in the trenches to back it up.

In this episode of the Daily Detroit Happy Hour Podcast, Sven Gustafson met up with him at Techtown where he is CEO to get a beat on what’s actually happening in Detroit’s entrepreneurial scene.

If you want a discussion on business and Detroit that’s not a bunch of fluff and staged appearances, then this episode is the place for you.

We cover a variety of subjects over the half hour, including the success of MoGo (apparently, it has double the riders than expected), how entrepreneurship is really doing and some of the challenges it faces, and being an outspoken advocate for what you truly believe in.

Staebler has driven some pretty impressive results at Techtown, leveraging the space that’s on Wayne State University’s campus to get businesses and ideas off the ground not just through providing physical space, but encouraging collaboration through different kinds of events and partnerships.

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