Bamboo Detroit Co-Founder Amanda Lewan. Courtesy Photo.

With the rise of startups and entrepreneurship in downtown Detroit, an industry that has been on the upswing is co-working and shared office spaces. With many traditional leases for space being in terms of five or ten years, co-working and shared offices allow flexibility and is utilized by companies large and small.

Bamboo Detroit announced that they have signed a lease for an additional 3,000 sq. ft. to add on to their current footprint that’s more than 6,000 square feet. Bamboo moved to 1420 Washington Boulevard from a smaller space on Brush Street in January of this year.

This will bring Bamboo’s total shared office space size to close to 10,000 square feet of shared desks, dedicated desks, private offices, conference rooms and business services.

“Bamboo Detroit fosters a culture of growth unlike any other community I’ve seen,” said Co-founder & CEO Amanda Lewan. “The decision to expand so quickly after our recent move was driven by existing member businesses. Reflective of Bamboo’s motto, our members are ‘Grow[ing] Fast. Grow[ing] Strong.’”

Added Lewan, “Growing members don’t want to leave their community and relationships they’ve built here. We don’t want them to leave either. We’ve chosen to grow alongside our members but are still committed to maintaining our community focus and approachable feel where no one gets lost.”

Detroit’s Rocket Fiber, also an original Bamboo member, provides Gigabit Internet that is 1,000 times faster than average speeds to the space that houses about 250 individuals.

Existing Bamboo tenants that are expected to relocate to new offices include Catalyst Media Factory, a public relations firm; Hampton Consulting, a consulting firm, and Gayanga Co., a construction engineering firm.

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