Check Out The New Mural On This New Center Parking Structure

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A New Center parking structure on Baltimore between Second and Third Avenues has just received a $6.5 million dollar facelift.

The structure needed structural repairs and a lot of upgrades. The upgrades included LED lighting, cameras, access system and safety phones.

The most obvious improvement, though, are the new murals that are located along the east and west walls of the structure along Second and Third Avenues.

The new mural is titled “Automatic Transmission” and was created by WC Bevan.

The piece was inspired by the Art Deco patterns that are found in buildings throughout New Center like the Fisher Building.

“This mural is an expanded thought on the automatic transmission, the actual machine and the poetic interpretation of that machine, like automatic writing,” said Bevan.

Bevan is an internationally celebrated muralist with work in Memphis, New York City, and Detroit.

The Platform owns the parking structure and started work on it last fall. The parking structure reopened on July 24.

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