Giordano’s Chicago Style Pizza Is Invading Detroit

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Soon, you’ll be able to get more Chicago style pizza in downtown Detroit than true Detroit style pizza.

In a downtown Detroit area with only one Detroit-style deep dish restaurant (Niki’s), Giordano’s is moving in in the old Bagger Dave’s spot, as first reported by MLive.

We stopped by this morning to take some pictures and check it out. They’re moving fast on getting their signage in.

Giordano’s is a Chicagoland staple with 15 restaurants across the country. That kind of pizza has a very high crust holding what’s basically a pool of chunky tomatoes and other filling.

The new restaurant will be at 1224 Randolph in Detroit in the old Bagger Dave’s spot (before that, it was a barber shop).

There’s not much detail beyond that and the Giordano’s isn’t talking, but let’s be honest – when is Buddy’s finally going to open something downtown? Or Loui’s?

P.S. – For those who are curious (and the last time we wrote about pizza, we got lots of questions around this) – though nationally popular and profitable, the Little Caesars standard $5 pie everyone knows is not Detroit style pizza.

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