Jonathan Merritt (left) with Sven Gustafson at the Narrow Way Cafe

Narrow Way Cafe is one of the newest additions to Livernois Avenue in Detroit. But, this isn’t a podcast about coffee.

In today’s episode Sven Gustafson, touches on the cafe – but the real secret to success in Detroit is service to others.

And who knows service better than a man who’s both involved in business and the church?

That’s Jonathan Merritt, a talented man that’s part of both Narrow Way Cafe and is a pastor at Straight Gate Church.

Narrow Way has quite the journey to opening, including receiving a $45,000 grant from Motor City Match. But the place is built from the ground up to be part of the neighborhood – including having a good number of employees who live within walking distance.

He’s one of the people to watch in Metro Detroit. Although he’s gotten a lot done, this might be only the beginning for Merritt.

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