Detroit Police Say They Have Caught Two Suspects Behind Recent Bicycle Abductions

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According to Detroit police, two suspects believed to be the “serial rapists” behind a pair of recent abductions and sexual assaults of female bicyclists in Detroit have been caught.

Here are the details on the incidents from earlier.

The two suspects were black males. One was in their 20s, one in their 30s.

“I’m proud to say we’ve.. arrested two suspects. We also have a vehicle in custody. We also believe there may be additional unreported crimes, so we’re asking for the public’s help,” said Detroit Police Chief James Craig during a press conference on Facebook live.

“The one suspect has a prior history for criminal sexual assault,” said Craig.

The police have taken into custody three vehicles. A white van, a gray trailblazer, and a black neon.

The pair of suspects is believed by police to also be involved in a third incident in the New Center area earlier in September. They may be referring to an incident that’s been talked about widely on social media at Third and Seward streets in the New Center area.

The chief says the police department believes that both of the Detroit crimes, as well as possibly an additional one in Hamtramck, were perpetrated by the same people. It’s still an “active investigation.”

If you have additional information or would like to report an unreported crime, call 313-596-1950.

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