7 Things To Know About Eastern Market’s New Food Accelerator Called FEAST Detroit

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Today we got a chance to check out metro Detroit’s newest food production facility called FEAST.

It’s a pretty cool project that has the potential to help a lot of food-related events get to the next level.

1. First off, the name FEAST is an acronym.

FEAST stands for Food Entrepreneur Accelerator And Start Up Terminal.

2. Eastern Market developed FEAST as the next step in their already successful business incubator program.

This program was created to help food entrepreneurs grow by giving them a place to produce their product. This is a great program for small businesses that are exceeding their production needs.

3. While the acceleration program was developed by Eastern Market FEAST is a collaboratively owned and operated business.

There are three co-owners of the facility; Marcia Model of Marcia’s Munchies, Scotty and Suzi Owens from Scotty O’Hotty, and Amit Makhecha from M&R Ventures.

4. Through the Eastern Market program other small and medium sized food manufactures will be able to use the facility and the co-packing services.

This includes recipe development, cooperative buying, and private labeling.

5. The building was gifted to the Eastern Market Corporation by the founder of Garden Fresh Gourmet Jack Aronson. 

After some upgrades to the equipment the 14,500 square foot facility will be able to accommodate manufacturing two products at a time. The building isn’t located in Eastern Market, it’s actually in the Detroit suburb of Inkster, an area that also need economic development.

6. The facility will be able to make pickles, sauces, chutneys, and dressings.

FEAST is licensed under the Michigan Department of Agriculture and Rural Development and registered under the Food and Drug Administration for producing acidified and shelf-stable foods.

7. FEAST not only has a production line, they also have office space that can be rented out. 

There are nine offices that can be rented out at the facility. There are no office rates yet, but those will be available soon. You can find out more information about the offices on the FEAST Detroit website.

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