“Detroit” Movie To Get Second Chance At Theaters, “The World Has Changed” Since August

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According to a report in Deadline Hollywood, the “Detroit” movie that had a very poor showing in the summer at the box office is about to get another shot in big movie theaters in 10 cities.

The newly released trailer has the words of Maya Angelou setting the scene to what is a very emotional and intense film that focuses on the Algiers Motel Incident that happened in 1968.

We’e embedded it above.

As to why it’s coming back, here’s what Annapurna Pictures President Marc Weinstock told Deadline Hollywood:

“The events in Charlottesville, Virginia, happened after our movie came out. The world has changed since August; the mood is different. The film is not only important – it’s even more relevant. People really consider this movie an emotional experience. They come out changed in some way. It’s powerful. Kathryn Bigelow made a film that’s immersive and visceral and authentic. … It’s also incredibly bold. In every way. People who did see Detroit in the theaters were knocked out by it and really moved. They were blown away by the power of the storytelling and the characters. Those people really embraced the film.”

Digitally, “Detroit” comes out November 28 and will be on Blu-ray and DVD this December 12.

Two Cents: This may be an admission the timing was poor to release the film.

Although the anniversary of 1968 happened over the summer and the first release was synced to that date, it is traditionally a poor time for films like this. Also, outside of Metro Detroit nobody knows what the Algiers Motel incident was.

Heck, let’s be honest, inside Metro Detroit most people don’t know what happened there. There isn’t even a marker where this all occurred.

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