Shinola Releases New Limited Edition Lake Erie Monster Dive Watch

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If you are a fan of Great Lakes lore, watches, and have some deep pockets — I have the perfect thing for you.

Shinola is rolling out a new limited edition watch that pays tribute to the legend of the Lake Erie Monster. Shinola only made 500 of these watches.

The Shinola Lake Erie Monster Dive Watch is a 43mm watch can withstand depths up to 1,000 feet underwater.

The watch is also powered by Swiss-made aromatic R-150 which makes it Shinola’s first ever mechanical watch. It features a 40 hour power reserve.

While the face of the watch is cool, the design of the Erie Lake Monster on the case back of the watch is pretty impressive. The monster even has a sapphire eye.

The watch comes with a cool case, two additional watch straps, a Princeton Tech Genesis dive flashlight and a map of Lake Erie.

It should go without saying, but this watch is going to cost you some cheddar with a price tag of $2,250.

If you are looking for an even more rare version of this watch then you need to head over to StockX.

StockX is set up like an online stock market for highly sought after products. Customers then bid on items to purchase them. They can also sell products on the website.

Shinola and StockX have partnered together to sell five prototype Lake Erie Monster watches to the highest bidders. The prototype watches will feature a 000/500 designation on the case back.

A portion of the proceeds from these five watches will go to The Empowerment Plan and Detroit Children’s Fund.

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