Michigan Science Center Makes It To Top 15 In The US2020 STEM Coalition Challenge

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The Michigan Science Center has been named on of the finalists in the US2020 STEM Coalition Challenge.

Judges for the competition looked at how each organization incorporated science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) to underrepresented students.

They were also evaluated on their potential impact, approach to partnership building, creative engagement strategies, and sustainability planning.

There were 92 communities from across the United States participated in the competition in October of 2017. The fifteen finalists were named last week.

As a finalist, MiSci will be competing for a share of $1 million in money and resources later this month in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

The STEM Collaboratory is a two day workshop in Pittsburgh, where finalists will work with STEM experts and creative community builders. During the two day event the finalists will be able to learn from one another.

The winners will be announced in the spring of 2018. There will be eight winners in all.

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