International Dark Sky Week Returns! Here’s Where You Can Stargaze In Michigan

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When was the last time you got a really good look at the night sky? Like, a really good look.

Where you saw more than a handful of stars. I’m talking Milky Way realness.

If you live in the city or suburbs I’m going to go out on a limb and say that it has been a while. Unless you took a little drive out to the middle of nowhere for some late night stargazing.

Skyglow and light pollution have put a damper on our ability to see the stars and planets in the night sky.

There is currently so much light pollution that over 80% of the world’s population lives under skyglow.

If the thought of that bums you out, be sure to put International Dark Sky Week in your calendar for the week of Saturday, April 15 through Saturday, April 22. The week long event will celebrate the beauty of the night sky, without light pollution.

Michigan currently has six state-designated Dark Sky Preserves located throughout the state.

They are located within these Michigan State Parks;

  • Lake Hudson Recreation Area
  • Negwegon State Park, Port Crescent State Park
  • Rockport Recreation Area
  • Thompson’s Harbor State Park
  • Wilderness State Park

All six Dark Sky preserves will be participating in International Dark Sky Week and will have extended hours for self-guided viewing.

The Headlands International Dark Sky Park in Mackinaw City will also be participating in the week long event.

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