Abdul El-Sayed Pitches Proposal For Net Neutrality, Michigan Public Broadband Called “Mi-Fi”

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The race for governor is heating up.

Dr. Abdul El-Sayed, who is currently polling third on the Democratic ticket is wading into the waters of net neutrality.

Net neutrality is a concept that aims to maintain a level playing field on the Internet between all users and publicly-owned internet.

His idea, in pre-event materials obtained by Daily Detroit, is that “MI-Fi is our solution; publicly owned broadband infrastructure can ensure that every household in rural and urban Michigan has the access they need, and protect net neutrality in our state.”

It’s billed as a policy for public broadband and to ensure net neutrality in Michigan. 

This wouldn’t be a huge leap for El-Sayed. The candidate has positioned himself on the progressive side of the Democratic ticket and is also is pushing for free college tuition for Michigan families who make $150,000 or less.

El-Sayed is polling third behind front runner and entrepreneur Shri Thenadar and establishment favorite, former legislator Gretchen Whitmer.

Since this writing the proposal has been released on his website. Here’s a link. It’s in-depth, so it’ll take some time to process.

We’re pulling together a panel to discuss it on our Daily Detroit News Byte podcast on Tuesday.

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