Map Photography: Detroit City on a Road Map

Turns out Metro Detroit has one of the biggest pay gaps between men and women in the nation.

New data from RentCafe shows that Metro Detroit women earn 64.9% of what men do. That’s significantly below the national average of just over 80%.

That makes Metro Detroit the 5th worse region in America for gender pay equality.

More interesting Detroit-centric data from the study focusing on the best and worst regions to live in, touches on individual fields, and what you make compared to the cost of living and how much money you have left over.

This should not be a surprise, but if you are a high-level manager or an executive, you’re the best off. After covering all living expenses, management workers in the Detroit metro are left with $63,100 annually. This field ranks as the highest paid in the area.

Now, the worst off? Your food workers and servers. You are working to lose money, running a $3,300 debt on average each year after your cost of living expenses.

This story first appeared on the Daily Detroit News Byte.