Union Calls For State Park Rangers To Be Armed

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Belle Isle Scott Fountain Detroit

Could armed patrol officers be coming to your favorite state park?

Over the weekend on Belle Isle, Michigan State police say that a female park ranger was assaulted while she was locking up some restrooms.

According to police, a man tried to walk around the ranger when she told him to leave. He then proceeded to push her and call her “white privileged” then took off. The ranger was able to get back to her golf cart and get away.

The Michigan State Employees Association is the union representing the officers who patrol Michigan State Parks. It’s calling for training and to have rangers armed with guns or tasers, as well as given body armor. Currently, rangers usually have handcuffs, pepper spray and a baton.

The union in a news release claims the parks officers have had to quell gang-related activity and a 300-person riot, though they offer no evidence to back up that claim.


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