PODCAST: L. Brooks letter, Brenda Jones to Congress (maybe), SMART may recount and what to do this weekend in Detroit

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This is your Daily Detroit News Byte for August 9, 2018. A bit shorter show today because of vacations.

  • Will she or won’t she? That’s the question facing Detroit city council president Brenda Jones who has the chance to be a U.S. Congressperson for a couple months.
  • Bus service in Macomb County may not be out of the woods yet. The narrow 23 vote victory – out of more than 150,000 votes cast – for the Suburban Mobility Authority for Regional Transportation will probably be recounted after it’s certified.
  • Oakland County Executive L. Brooks Patterson has sent off a letter that is terse, blunt and not a fan of Detroit’s quote comeback that’s a quote “Righteous Cause”. The letter claims that Detroit CEOs and business leaders are organizing to build up Detroit at the suburbs expense. We also have an op-ed.
  • It’s Thursday, so even though we’ll have a Friday show I wanted to go through our City 5 list of events happening this weekend around the city. This week we actually have a couple bonuses, and if you missed anything the list is up on DailyDetroit.com on our City 5.

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