GM Unveils 2 eBikes, Wants Suggestions For Names

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General Motors is branching into e-bikes.

The company has unveiled images of what it calls “innovative, integrated and connected eBikes” that it says will go on sale in 2019. One is folding and the other is compact. But neither of them have a brand name yet, and that’s where the company is soliciting help.

General Motors is building two eBikes which will be available for sale in 2019 and we want customers to be involved from the start so we’re asking enthusiasts from around the globe to help name our eBike brand by visiting

GM has set up a website called where you can submit your ideas for a name. The person who comes up with the winning name gets $10,000, while nine participants with runner-up submissions each get $1,000.

GM says it’s looking for simple, smart and bold concepts that can be understood around the world. The bikes are the result of GM’s expertise in electric propulsion systems, design, telemetry and automotive-grade testing with input from experts in the bike industry. It’s part of GM’s Urban Mobility Solutions unit.

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