When You Start Christmas Music On November 1 You’re Ruining The Spirit

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I write this as a self-avowed Christmas lover.

I enjoy going to Bronner’s up in Frankenmuth. The two weeks before Christmas I use every excuse to wear a Santa hat.

But when you play Christmas music starting so early as not one, but two Detroit radio stations are doing — 98.7 The Breeze FM AND 100.3 WNIC — you’re ruining the thing that makes it special.

We’re almost two months out and Halloween was literally yesterday. This is absurd.

And what about Thanksgiving? An extra special day here in Detroit as we’re one of two cities that always gets a Thanksgiving NFL home game for the Detroit Lions, though I won’t vouch for the quality of the product on the field.

I logically get it. Commercialism is so much of Christmas now, and it increases each and every year. Running a Christmas playlist for two months makes the shell of the once-proud thing that we call local radio more profitable.

It’s a great pitch for advertisers that you’re getting people in the spending spirit.

I’m sure my displeasure with two radio stations that I do not listen to very much playing Christmas music is more about the fact that Christmas has become much more about spending money than spending time with the people we care about.

But can’t we at least get through Thanksgiving?

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