What The Future Of Restaurants Might Look Like With Eater’s Brenna Houck

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In previous episodes, we looked at how the Coronavirus could impact Education in ways beyond social distancing. And then Sven did a deep-dive into live music and venues.

Today, restaurants and bars.

Eater’s Brenna Houck joins me to talk about the latest from a big-picture perspective and what could be ahead for some of our favorite places to grab a bite. 

Then, I’ll share a few things to know today:

On Sunday, for the first time since the beginning of the pandemic, the City of Detroit preliminarily reported no new COVID-19 deaths.

The city of Detroit has hired a long-time local leader and administrator (and the first African-American state supreme court chief justice) – as Deputy mayor.

Ferndale has canceled all their events through Labor Day, and a number of Woodward corridor cities are drafting a letter requesting the Woodward Dream Cruise cancel their 2020 event which is still on for mid-August.

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