PODCAST: Rivian Leaving Michigan Is A Wakeup Call Plus Pistons And Lions w/ Fletcher Sharpe

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Today’s show is in two parts.

First, electric automaker Rivian is moving their future operations to Irvine California. This is a big blow to investment and future jobs in our state and region.

Jer breaks down the story and talks about why we need to stop promoting yes-man slappys, and make some structural changes to how business is done in Metro Detroit and the state to be competitive.

And that means investing in what makes our place a better place to live instead of handing out incentives like candy.

Fletcher Sharpe

Second, sports journalist Fletcher Shape breaks down the transfer of ownership at the Detroit Lions, plus the Detroit Pistons have a new GM Troy Owens. Will the organization is going to support the new General Manager? Or will owner Tom Gores continue to be an absentee landlord of one of Detroit’s beloved sports institutions?

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