Merry Boozemas! Get into the holiday spirit with local spirits

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On Fridays we try to have some fun on the podcast, and this is no exception.

Devon, Randy and Jer get together (virtually) to talk about some of our favorite local boozes, spirits and accessories.

Here’s a list:

King Cubes: Big Clear Ice Cubes:

Rare American Whiskey from The Oakland:

Cocktail Cubes from Castalia:

Tiki mugs from Lost River:

Water with electrolytes: Kater Wingman

Leisure Soda: Casamara Club:

Detroit City Distillery market and seasonal releases

Sippin Santa

at The Skip

Miracle @ The Oakland

Two James – house made cream liqueur with Johnny smoking gun as its base. Comparable to Bailey’s, but with a hint of smokiness.

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