DCFC; Ben Wallace’s Hall Of Fame Hopes; Is Mike Smith Pro Material? + More w/ Fletcher Sharpe

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Fletcher Sharpe

Today, Fletcher Sharpe is in the co-pilot seat.

00:18 – Fan favorite forward Max Todd returns to Detroit City FC.

00:44 – U of M’s Mike Smith said he’s going pro. What are his prospects?

03:55 – Why isn’t Pistons Legend Ben Wallace a Hall Of Famer yet? More: https://theathletic.com/2511074/2021/04/12/ben-wallace-qa-on-hall-of-fame-isaiah-stewart-state-of-the-pistons/

09:50 – Tigers talk: Akil Baddoo, Miguel Cabrera

16:00 – Fletcher partakes in Ramadan and has good wishes for people

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