Would you keep Cabrera’s 500th homer ball? Discussing Untold: Malice at the Palace; DCFC Preview

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Fletcher Sharpe

Today’s show covers three main topics:

00:42 – Fletcher Sharpe talks about Cal United and Detroit City FC’s tie plus previews Saturday’s game against SD 1904

02:32 – Jalen Green needs to sit down when it comes to Detroit-bashing. Devon O’Reilly joins Fletch to weigh in.

08:35- “Untold: Malice at the Palace” came out on Netflix. It’s one of our listerners favorite topics, but it’s in the news so we spend a few minutes on it. Devon labels it “propaganda.” Fletcher was there.

15:41 – And finally, if you were in the stands and got Miguel Cabrera’s 500th career home run ball, would you keep it?

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