🎧 Meet the new Throwbacks Home (ft. Kyle Dubay)

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Today, we’re getting out the studio and heading to Detroit’s capitol park. We’re visiting the newly-opened Throwbacks Home – a showroom and retail space in the old Lover’s Only burger spot.

But instead of double patties with cheese, it’s a double helping of design.

If you’re not familiar, Thowbacks Home is a new venture of Woodward Throwbacks, powered by a couple of the most interesting entrepreneurs in Detroit, Bo Shepherd and Kyle Dubay.

You might be one of their nearly 70,000 followers on Instagram – or have visited their workshop space in Hamtramck, where they converted an old car dealership into a production headquarters and warehouse.

Maybe you followed along for the rebuild of a house in the North End neighborhood of Detroit that’s been recently completed.

Or, like me, you’ve been following them since they had a workshop in Corktown back in 2016.

Over time, they’ve built a thing to last. They put their shoulder to the wheel with projects – and so I caught up with Kyle Dubay at the soft opening of their new spot.

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