Coffee shops, National Dive Bar day, light rail and self storage

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Is the future of vacant office and retail space in America self-storage? Sounds boring and not the ideal of vibrant streets, but it’ll give landlords money and demand seems to just not be there.

A conversation inspired by this piece as a historic building that was formerly a Saks Fifth Avenue is adding self-storage in their retail:

Detroit City Councilwoman Calloway wants to look to a future with light rail within the city. Thoughts?

Listener James wants to know about some of our favorite coffeeshops. We discuss a non-exhaustive list and I’m sure we forgot some. We’ll need to do a full list on social and the site soon. 

And finally, it’s National Dive Bar day so we talk about some of our favorites today, some old favorites, and remember the long-gon Tom’s Tavern, kind of the granddaddy of them all.

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