Detroit’s (not so) hidden gem, the Scarab Club

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The Scarab Club has been active in Detroit’s art community for over a hundred years. But, you might have driven by the building a bunch of times and never knew about it or the work they do.

Kayce Gifford joins Jer on the show to talk a bit about the history, what kinds of programs are offered, and an upcoming Garden Party.

The podcast episode gets into how the art club supports artists by hosting art shows and providing them with a platform to discuss their work. The host emphasizes that the club goes beyond simply showcasing artwork, as it also offers artists the opportunity to share their perspectives and creative process. This enriches the audience’s understanding and appreciation of the art, as they can directly hear from the artists themselves. The club organizes various types of shows, including solo exhibitions and group shows. Overall, the club’s support extends beyond providing a display space, as it creates a platform for artists to share their insights and artistic journey with the audience.


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