Let’s talk marijuana in Detroit // Hill Harper runs for Senate // Listener feedback

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Today’s show is in three parts. First, recent developments in Detroit’s marijuana business environment – including pushing a vote out to change on how close marijuana businesses can be from certain community places – have sparked a conversation.

The city voted 69-31 for recreational marijuana in 2018, but there are vocal and powerful corners not embracing it, and actively fighting against those businesses in the city. We discuss. Is it a NIMBY situation? (Not in my backyard)

Some background: https://twitter.com/TheDailyDetroit/status/1678800038737084418


Hill Harper is running for US Senate. We discuss his candidacy in relation to metro Detroit. Of course, both are welcome on the show for future interviews.

Finally, we answer a listener question on why we cover both the city and the suburbs (yes, we’re a regional podcast).

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