Le Suprême first look // LVT update // Something I didn’t realize

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Devon and Jer catch up for the Friday before Labor Day weekend with some of what to know and where to go in Metro Detroit.

04:34 – Devon went to the new Le Suprême in downtown Detroit at the redone Book Cadillac and shares his thoughts.

Website: https://www.lesupremedetroit.com/

09:38 – Jer went a little less expensive and talks about how Lucky Coffee at multiple locations in Detroit Barber Co. found its groove.

12:35 – There’s progress on the proposed Land Value Tax for the City of Detroit.

15:05 – Something I thought I knew, but didn’t. We always disclose our ads clearly, but some people from in-person conversations apparently assume that when we have a local business org or something on they’re paying for it. I’ve gotten comments like “I know you have to pay the bills” and it’s like… no, that’s not how this works. All ads and placements are disclosed in the show. We just like to highlight things and places we find interesting. 

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