What adults under 30 really want to stay in Michigan // Food hall first look // Redraw the lines?

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Norris Howard is in and we’re talking about a lot.

01:20 – Where we’ve been, as Norris Howard talked about the WhatChaWannaEat food hall and what international places it reminds him off. That said, he hopes for more vegetarian and vegan options in his community.

06:21 – Jollibee is coming to Metro Detroit. Have you been?

07:55 – There’s a new study about what young adults – 18-29 years old – really want to stay in Michigan. There are some surprising results, and a lot of it is about women’s rights and enforced gun control. Plus, African Americans feel the least positive about staying in Michigan. What groups feel like they’re most ready to leave, vs. not. It’s an interesting discussion.

Link to poll: https://www.detroitchamber.com/under-30-poll/

23:47 An opportunity for Wayne and Oakland Counties to vote on a millage to support the Charles H. Wright Museum of African American History and the Detroit Historical Museum is making progress in the state legislature.

26:57 – Is it time to redraw the political maps? Do we need a taxing area that is focused on the more urban and developed areas of Metro Detroit, as unlike many metro areas, our population centers are spread across three counties instead of one?

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