Does the Republican Party matter anymore? Or is it all Trump?

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With the recent drama at the Michigan State Party around who’s in charge, finances and more – we got to thinking, in the age of Trump, does a state party matter anymore, or is it just all about whatever Trump does?


After all, he’s the focus of attention, resources from voters, and looks to be the clear lock for the nomination. So is the Republican party as we knew it, dead? And means something else now? Does the infighting matter as Trump is going to call all the shots everywhere now anyway, and raise all the money? 

News story about the internal divisions:

The rundown:

01:21 – Norris Howard talks about his dad being hyped for the Lions

02:56 – Is there a Republican Party that matters, or is it all basically whatever Trump wants and decides? Where the apapratus, the fundraising, we’re in a diffrent era where it’s about one man, as opposed to a party platform? Because it looks like what right leaning voters want is Trump. Not someone with his policies but different, but him. And they definitely don’t want someone like a Chris Christie. 

14:56 – Norris shares some of his thoughts as African-American voters, especially Black men, are more and more looking to the right as more and more black women increase their power and education, and the difficult conversation that has to be had in his community.

19:41 – And finally, the Auto Show is moving to January. Norris had some strong feelings about it, so now it’s official, he’s got a couple thoughts.

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