On Northern Soul (and how to shake your tail feather)

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If there’s anything Detroiters know how to do, it’s how to tap our feet and nod to the beat. And so often in history, those beats are made right here.

Local history expert, music tastemaster, and Motor City Soul Club co-founder Dan Austin joins me on the podcast to talk about Northern Soul, a genre that encompasses Motown – but there’s so much more to discover. How do you find it? What’s notable about it? He’s also talking about the return of the Motor City Soul Stomp this Saturday evening at the Marble Bar.

The local podcast rundown:

00:52 – What makes Northern Soul music special to Dan?

03:31 – Motown might be the big name everyone knows, but there’s so much more to the story

06:27 – Giving these Detroit music artists their due, remembrance and recognition

08:07 – Here are some ways to get started checking out Northern Soul for yourself

14:39 – The Motor City Soul Stomp returns after the pandemic hiatus this Saturday Night at the Marble Bar in Detroit. $5 cover, you’re going to want to head on down. Event link: https://www.facebook.com/events/777818770856268

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