State of the State highlights, James Beard semifinalists and Bye, Jim Harbaugh

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From the serious to the seriously fun, we’ve got you covered on your Daily Detroit. Devon O’Reilly is in to talk about:

01:11 – Michigan State of the State breakdown

02:54 – Governor Gretchen Whitmer said “Build baby build,” with the goal of increasing the housing stock across the state to lower prices and increase quality

05:24 – Devon, as a dad, gets into incentives for growing Michigan families; tax credits, and universal PreK 

10:07 – We talk about possible new state rebates for buying new cars, electric cars, and union-made cars. Is it a good idea? 

12:57 – The Republican rebuttal looked like a bad lawyer ad

15:15 – Restaurant news: James Beard Semi-Finalist annouced and we talk about Metro Detroit competitors

21:45 – Jim Harbaugh is leaving Michigan for the NFL. Who should replace him? Are Michigan fans even upset?

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