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Photo courtesy David Shock.
Photo courtesy David Shock.

It’s better when we work together.

Ever hear the saying, “Were you born in a barn?” Well, at Daily Detroit, we were born in a bar. Two years ago, we planted the seed for a passion project in the back of one of our favorite watering holes, Nancy Whiskey. The project has blossomed into something far bigger and more meaningful than we ever expected.

Our twofold mission was, and still is: To help Detroiters near and far connect with the city they love, and tell stories that push Detroit’s conversation forward.

The best part is that since the beginning, you, our ever-growing community of readers (more than a million users over the past year) have responded to what we’re doing a huge way, and you continue to stick with us as we grow. In turn, we’ve worked hard to be a reliable source of development information, entertainmentfood, and a whole lot more in Detroit and the rest of the region.

Artist Leon Keer talks to Joel Gullickson about his work in Detroit. (c) Daily Detroit Photo.
Artist Leon Keer talks to Joel Gullickson about his work in Detroit.

Yet, as much as we’ve enjoyed the last year, there’s so much more work to do — but we need your to help us get there. 

What your support does is allow us to go deeper with stories outside of what everyone else is reporting – advertising is based on page views, but your support is based on meaningful content. We continue to add a new dimension to stories in the conversation, and add more voices to the blog. We’ve already been able to add two new writers thanks to your support.

For just $5 a month, we’ll send you our comfy, locally designed and printed Daily Detroit t-shirt. We’ll send you an email after you order asking for your size and the address you would like it shipped to.

The limited access Daily Detroit shirt in the wild.
The members-only Daily Detroit shirt in the wild.

To be clear, Daily Detroit will remain free for all to access. The membership is simply an option for those who want to directly support our work and allows us to invest in more stories, videos and interviews. And thank you.

– Doc, Dan, Shianne, Sven + the rest of the Daily team