Delray – Daily Detroit What To Know And Where To Go In Metro Detroit Fri, 16 Feb 2018 12:04:15 +0000 en-US hourly 1 23 Detroit Neighborhood Corridors To See $125M In Bond Funds Tue, 24 Oct 2017 16:35:05 +0000 A program pitched by Mayor Mike Duggan to make 23 of the city of Detroit’s commercial streets more attractive and pedestrian friendly was approved by the Detroit City Council.

The idea is that through this investment, and follow-up investments by businesses, Detroit would recapture some of the estimated $2.6 billion in spending Detroit residents do annually in surrounding communities, according to a study soon to be released by the Detroit Economic Development Corporation (DEGC).

Here’s the plan for how the $125 million in bond money will be spent.

  • About $80 million of the bond revenue would fund major infrastructure improvements along the city’s key commercial corridors, such as Livernois-McNichols, West Vernor and East Warren. On the to-do list for the corridors are landscaping and reconfiguring traffic lanes to add bike lanes, improved street parking and in some cases wider sidewalks to allow for outdoor café seating.
  • $45 million will complement existing road funds to improve 300 miles of city roads and replace hundreds of thousands of broken sections of sidewalk across the city.

Because the city of Detroit is still under financial oversight, the bond sale must next be approved by the Financial Review Commission (FRC) and Michigan Finance Authority (MFA).

According information the city has provided from the yet to be released DEGC report, major improvements will bring millions of dollars back to some of the city’s retail corridors. One corridor, at Livernois and McNichols, for example, could capture $215 million in retail activity annually.

So where are the dollars coming to pay back the bond? Not the general fund or would there be money diverted from current projects, says the city. Detroit is receiving increased revenues from their share of state gas taxes and vehicle registration fees that have not been included in its current road improvement plan. Instead of piecemeal work, the administration wanted to get the dollars together for a bigger push.

Map of proposed improvements. Source: City of Detroit

The 23 corridors are: Livernois, W. McNichols, E. Jefferson, W. Jefferson, Jos Campau, Kercheval, Vernor, Bagley, Clairmount, Russell, Beaubien, Fisher Fwy. Service Dr., E. Warren, Dexter, Lawley, E. Davison Service Dr., Mt. Elliott, Redford St., Puritan, Warwick, Plainview, Plymouth and 7 Mile.

At least 51% of all work hours on the publicly-funded projects, according to the city, will be done by city residents, and for prime contractors, they anticipate to award 100 percent of the business to Detroit-based businesses.

The bond money is expected to be available in mid-November to begin work.

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LISTEN: Talking The Witch Of Delray, Detroit Murder Mysteries And History With Author Karen Dybis Wed, 18 Oct 2017 06:20:34 +0000

Today, we step back to Detroit in the 1930s at a bar that was open (well, as an ice cream shop during the prohibition part) to talk to Karen Dybis.

She’s an author of a few books, but her latest promises from what we’ve seen to be a great read. “The Witch of Delray: Rose Veres & Detroit’s Infamous 1930s Murder Mystery” is a true crime book that’s set in Detroit’s Delray neighborhood.

Dybis is a former newspaper reporter, and utilized that background as well as her colorful style paint a picture of a city and a boarding house where, as she says, renters walk in and pine boxes come out.

So join Sven Gustafson for a great conversation on the back patio of Nancy Whiskey’s.

To pre-order the book that comes out October 30 from The History Press on Amazon, go here: or support your local independent book store.

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PODCAST: “The Race Is Over,” Moroun Will Build His Bridge To Canada First With Dave Battagello, Windsor Star Thu, 14 Sep 2017 00:28:34 +0000

This edition of the Daily Detroit Happy Hour is very timely as Sven Gustafson is talking to veteran reporter Dave Battagello of the Windsor Star about the bridge projects to Canada, the border crossing, and how it affects thousands of people.

He’s been the lead guy covering this issue that most of the Detroit media has been silent on, even though long term, it will affect the livelihoods of many citizens of both countries, and there’s important news.

There are some key points you’re going to want to listen for.

  • Under Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, work on the bridge has stalled and lobbying efforts have increased.
  • Billionaire Matty Moroun & The Detroit International Bridge Company are a lot closer to a twin Ambassador bridge than the publicly funded project.
  • The permit Moroun received says he has to complete his bridge within five years; the Gordie Howe span won’t be completed for at least six years.
  • Moroun already has the plazas in place and just needs to build the span over the river and a Canadian truck inspection station, where there’s still a lot of demolition and construction to complete the Gordie Howe.

It was great talking to Battagello who has been eating, sleeping and breathing this beat. Be sure to have a full listen.

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