City Of Detroit – Daily Detroit What To Know And Where To Go In Metro Detroit Mon, 20 Nov 2017 22:24:43 +0000 en-US hourly 1 Sfumato Fragrance Flagship Store (With A Craft Cocktail Bar!) To Open On Friday In Midtown Mon, 20 Nov 2017 22:24:43 +0000 After months of renovations the Sfumato Fragrance’s flagship store will be open this Friday, just in time for the holiday shopping season.

The store will be located on Second Avenue in Midtown.

The 650 square foot store will have a workshop, a place for consulting, and for classes. Customers will be able to design custom fragrances.

There will also be a craft cocktail bar called Castalia.

Castalia will focus on cocktails that are inspired by the signature scents that Peterson has created for Sfumato. Currently the plan is to offer ticketed events for Castalia.

The store will also carry essential oils, incense, and books related to fragrance and cocktails.

Sfumato Fragrances was started by husband and wife team Kevin Peterson and Jane Larson in 2013.

We had Peterson and Larson on our Happy Hour Podcast in May when they announced their plans to open the store.

Currently the shop’s holiday hours will be 12 p.m.-7 p.m. on Friday and Saturday, and 10 a.m.-5 p.m. on Sunday. The store hours will be expanded in January of 2018.

Sfumato Fragrances is located at 3980 Second Avenue Detroit, Michigan 48201.

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Google Moves Sales Office From Birmingham To Downtown Detroit Mon, 20 Nov 2017 20:23:38 +0000 Google is moving more than 100 jobs to downtown Detroit. They’ve signed a lease for nearly 30,000 square feet in the new District Detroit as part of Little Caesars Arena.

The office, at 52 Henry Street, will open in 2018.

The workers coming down will be mostly sales and customer service folks. Not to mention, they will have very visible sign frontage on the recently completed arena that is home to the Detroit Red Wings, the Detroit Pistons, and numerous concerts.

“The city of Detroit has a rich history of culture and innovation, and we’re excited to be a part of its world class talent and world class companies. Our new space will not only provide room for future growth, but will also give us the opportunity to contribute to the dynamic economic and community activity happening in Detroit,” said Danielle Russell and Guy Schueller, Co-Site Leads for Google Birmingham.

In a follow up with Daily Detroit, we were told that as far as Google goes, no tax incentives from the city were involved and Google did not ask for any.

Elsewhere in Michigan, Google has a large Ann Arbor presence. That is where most of their technology work happens in the state with more than 450 employees. They just expanded their footprint there in September.

PR, Revenue Win: This is more of a public relations and revenue win for the city of Detroit than a win for the region as this is just a shift between localities in the same area. Having a big “Google” sign downtown is an attractive thing to most.

On the revenue side, the tax rate for non-residents is 1.2% and many of these jobs are high paying, so at $90,000 or so a year with bonuses with 100 employees, the city could be pocketing an extra $100,000 annually (or more, depending on number of city residents who pay double that rate, etc.) in additional income taxes.

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New “Detroit Has Legs” Tights Featuring 32 Iconic Local Places To Benefit Cass Community Social Services Mon, 20 Nov 2017 18:56:10 +0000 Looking for leggings with Detroit-themed style? “Detroit Has Legs,” with all the profits going to benefit the nonprofit Cass Community Social Services, might just be your ticket.

Skinnytees, an online retailer based in Birmingham makes these custom women’s leggings that feature 32 iconic Detroit buildings, sculpture and sites throughout the city.

They’re available in sizes XS through 3XL online for $56 here.

“Our team wanted to design an item that showcases our beloved city of Detroit in a visual and impactful way,” said Linda Schlesinger-Wagner, founder of Skinnytees. “Detroit Has Legs is only the beginning of the expansion of our brand’s themed clothing, and we look forward to providing our customers with more custom-made designs.”

According to the company, pulling this project together took a year, from finding the sublimation printer and contractor that could make the visuals work in the fabric.

Each pair of leggings is made in the United States, one at a time. The legging fabric is rolled out on all sides so that each Detroit photo can be cut out individually and printed on the fabric.

Once the images are cut and printed, the dye-sublimation process begins that applies the images to the fabric with sublimation ink, heat and pressure.

If you’ve seen Skinnytees before, it’s because they’ve been on Good Morning America, The View and QVC. Skinnytees also earned a spot on the 2017 Inc. 5000 as one of nation’s fastest-growing private companies.

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Detroit Sip Coffeeshop Celebrates Grand Opening On McNichols, Has Detroit-Themed Drinks Mon, 20 Nov 2017 02:09:21 +0000 On McNichols at the border of the Bagley and Fitzgerald neighborhoods is a new entrant to Detroit’s coffee game, Detroit Sip.

It joins an area that’s quickly gaining new spots for java. For instance, earlier this week we first reported a Biggby coming less than a mile away on Livernois. Narrow Way Cafe opened earlier this year, as well.

The Detroit Sip shop is owned by Jevona Watson, a Bagley resident, who is also an attorney and a mom.

The shop has opened sporadically over the last year or so as a space for University of Detroit Mercy and Marygrove students and staff as well as community members and organizations. Both educational institutions are less than a mile away down McNichols (which is also known as Six Mile).

The grand opening celebration was on Saturday, and we poked in to take a look and try a few things.

Several Detroit entrepreneurship and neighborhood development organizations lent a hand to get the doors open including SWOT City (a program of TechTown Detroit), Live6, the Build Institute and Motor City Match.

The event had who’s who of neighborhood development in the room as well as live entertainment.

So what about the menu?

The special drinks included the Expressway Espresso; the Auto Americano; Mount Carmel Macchiato; Coleman Cappuccino; Livernois Latte; Hasting Hot Chocolate; City Cider and the Motown Mocha.

The coffee blends were Belle Isle Blonde; Bagley Blend Medium; and McNichols Morning Dark.

Teas included the I-75 Chai Latte; the Tuxedo Tea (Black); Boston Edison (Green); and the Edgewater (Herbal).

For pop you can get Faygo, Towne Club, and Vernors. There is also a selection of sweet and salty snacks.

Detroit Sip is located at 7420 West McNichols Road in Detroit. For now, they will be open Thursdays 6 a.m.-6 p.m., Fridays 6 a.m.-7 p.m., Saturdays 8 a.m.-6 p.m. and Sun 10 a.m.-6 p.m. through December 2017. Expanded hours will happen next year.

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Life At The Historic Grande Ballroom? Supporters Are Fundraising For A Structural Engineering Report Sun, 19 Nov 2017 05:31:06 +0000 The Grande Ballroom is one of the most hallowed spaces in Detroit music history. It has been home to jazz, big band, rock. It was a center of Detroit’s counterculture movement.

It also is a gem of a building designed by Charles Agree and completed in 1928. He left his mark on a variety of structures around town like the Vanity Ballroom, the Whittier Hotel and others.

But what will be next for the place that’s seen a couple lives and been sitting closed since 1972?

It’s currently owned by the Chapel Hill Missionary Baptist Church, and the building is being hugged by a dedicated group of volunteers that are now raising money to get the ball rolling on turning the corner for the place.

A GoFundMe has been started by Leo Early, a passionate advocate for the place, in conjunction with the Friends of the Grande Ballroom and the church that owns the structure to see what needs to be done.

Per the fundraiser page:

Donations will go towards the engineer’s fee and any  inspection costs to include construction/carpentry and equipment rentals. This report will be used to make a decision for launching a 501-(c)3 non-profit organization, aid in determining a business case and to calculate the extent of work necessary to stabilize the structure.  Assuming positive viability can be determined, any balance will go towards startup costs and a much larger construction fund raising campaign. Exercising this due diligence will benefit the church in pursuing grants and additional funding. As the building has a perforated roof, time is of the essence and we hope to have the inspection complete as soon as possible, weather permitting. Our latest potential inspection date is December 15.

As of this writing, they’re raised $3,045 of their $5,000 goal. There are also a variety of rewards ranging from a lapel pin to a blueprint to a custom dinner tour. If you’re interested, visit the fundraiser by clicking here. 

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15 Photos Of The Work To Restore Belle Isle’s Lake Okonoka, Connect It To Detroit River Sat, 18 Nov 2017 22:26:35 +0000 You might not have made it over to Belle Isle State Park since the fall season has started, but if you do, you’ll see that a ton of work is happening over by Lake Okonoka.

A $5 million restoration project is well underway that will restore the long stagnant lake near the Belle Isle United States Coast Guard Station.

When you actually get out there to see the work, it’s breathtaking to see a lake you’ve seen for years completely drained.

If you’ve been on a canoe or kayak trip through the canals before, you can see the unrealized potential that connecting the island canal system to the Detroit River (via the Blue Heron Lagoon) in a proper way has.

According to DNR information, the project will when it is complete in the Fall of 2018 connect the canal system to the river through a direct connection that you’ll be able to paddle through as it will be 45 feet wide.

The pumping station by the Culvert near Blue Heron Lagoon. The station will remain.

More importantly, fish will be able to enter the lake to spawn as well as water will circulate better through the system.

Eventually there’s going to be a bridge here instead of this dinky culvert (a.k.a. big pipe under the road).

So yes, there’s currently a small connection, but not one that is meaningful.

Back by Lake Okonoka, a “stop log structure” and pedestrian crossing is also going in.

You can see work on this spot above where the interior canal hits the lake. This will allow for flow and water level control.

And of course, the berm holding the water of the canals back is pretty neat to check out.

One side water, the other not.

And some dry bed under the bridge.

Woodside Drive is going to be split in two, with green space in between the two.

The project is being funded through the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) through their Great Lakes Restoration Initiative and the Michigan Department of Natural Resources is ponying up $70,000 in matching funds.

There’s a year of work ahead, but it’s a big development for the beloved island.

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City Year Detroit Raises $110,000 During Annual Women’s Leadership Breakfast Fri, 17 Nov 2017 20:35:27 +0000 On Thursday morning I went to City Year’s 7th annual Women’s Leadership Breakfast.

Every year, City Year Detroit holds this breakfast as a way to discuss empowering young Detroiters. This year the topic was how City Year could help foster a strong workforce in Detroit.

I see two separate ways that City Year is helping the next generation get ready for workforce development.

The main way is with the work the  City Year Americorps members are doing in the schools. These corps members are young adults from the ages of 18-25 who spend 10 hours a day working in classrooms, spending one on one time with students who need help in mathematics and literacy, and by planning activities for students.

So the students that are being assisted are less likely to fall behind and they are less likely to drop out of high school.

The second way City Year is helping with workforce development with the the corps members themselves.

These young people are learning key skills that will help them later in life. They are problem solving, working as a team work and also teaching others.

Once these corps members finish their time at City Year they have a great opportunity to get a job or to continue their education.

For instance:

  • The University of Michigan Law School has a $30,000 scholarship for alumni of City Year.
  • City Year alumni who want to get their masters in education can get a scholarship to the University of Michigan for $15,000.
  • Alumni that are accepted to University of Detroit Mercy Law School can get a 25% discount on tuition.

In the past two years, 80% of the City Year Detroit alumni have decided to continue to live in the city.

Which means all of that talent is staying within the city. And talent staying in Detroit? That’s a good thing.

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Biggby Coffee Is Opening A New Location In This Detroit Neighborhood Fri, 17 Nov 2017 19:06:23 +0000 There’s going to be another java option opening up in Detroit.

We spied a new Biggby Coffee on Livernois between McNichols (a.k.a. Six Mile) and 7 Mile near the Avenue of Fashion. That’s at the border of the University District and Bagley neighborhoods.

Biggby is a franchised chain based out of Lansing, Michigan founded in 1995 and has 182 stores open in Michigan as of 2016. There was formerly a location on Woodward in Midtown, but their Detroit stores for now are within larger complexes like Henry Ford Hospital and the Detroit Medical Center.

Peeking through the window of the new Biggby on Livernois.

This new Livernois coffeshop is connected to the Ferndale location on Nine Mile as the phone number when we reached out for comment goes to that location.

One Of Detroit’s Next Areas

If you’ve been paying attention to the neighborhood, it’s poised to be one of the “what’s next” places in the city to see a wave of commercial development. After all, University District’s median household income of $88,640 is far higher than the city and state as a whole. Bagley’s $42,645 is also significantly higher than the rest of the city. Nearby Sherwood Forest has a median household income of a whopping $115,489.

Although the whole city saw tough times, both the University District and Bagley never completely collapsed and have strong, active neighborhood groups along with beautiful housing stock. The proximity to Ferndale and major roads also make it a good option for folks who work in the suburbs and heading downtown is easy down either the Lodge or Woodward.

There have already been new projects coming together. Social Sushi is working to get open basically next door. The Narrow Way Cafe recently opened down the street north of 7 Mile. Detroit Sip just opened around the way on Six Mile. There are universities and programs like Motor City Match that are funneling dollars into the area.

Here’s a list we did earlier this year focusing on the nearby Avenue of Fashion’s new as well as long-standing places. It also happens to be Motown legend Marvin Gaye’s old neighborhood.

We’ve reached out for comment as well as more details around when it will open. We’ll update when we hear more.

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A 23 Photo Tour Through The Beautiful New Downtown Detroit Holiday Markets Thu, 16 Nov 2017 22:04:02 +0000 The folks at Bedrock have been busy little elves getting this season’s Downtown Detroit Markets in time for the 14th Annual Tree Lighting Ceremony.

This year there will be four markets set up throughout downtown. 1001 Woodward, Cadillac Square, Capital Park and finally Spirit Plaza.

In total the market will feature 37 different small businesses that sell everything from clothing for the whole family, jewelry, home goods, and beauty products. You will also have plenty of places to find food and drinks.

Out of the 37 vendors featured in the market, 22 of them are based in the city of Detroit.

The Downtown Detroit Market will be open November 17 through January 7, 2018.

There will be three valet drop off stations if the thought of finding a parking space is daunting. There will be one at Michigan and Woodward, Congress and Woodward, and Clifford and Woodward.

You can find additional information like maps, schedules, and a vendor list at the Winter in Detroit website.

Enough with the details, let’s get this tour started.

Our first stop is 1001 Woodward. It is the only market that is indoors.

The Farmer’s Hand have set up a lovely pop up market. You will be able to find all sorts of Detroit and Michigan made foods, like Beau Bien Fine Foods.

We are huge fans of the work that Rebel Nell does. Not only do they create beautiful pieces of jewelry, but they are also helping women get back on their feet.

Every woman (and let’s face it some guys too) need a statement lipstick for the winter. Go treat yourself to these amazing lip products from The Lip Bar.

You will also find DCreated Boutique which is an adorable boutique that makes clothes for babies and toddlers. We did a write up about the store a few weeks ago.

These are just a handful of the vendors set up in 1001 Woodward.

Let’s move on to the next spot Cadillac Square.

The square is lined with glass huts that feature the vendors.

ASHE Supply Co. will offer small batch coffee and accessories.

Detroit GT features Detroit-based clothing for all ages.

You will also be able to find venders like Detroit Hustles Harder, Detroit Vintage Collective, Somerset Children’s Collection, Somerset Home Collection, and Detroit City Nut Company.

In the center of the Cadillac Market is the Cadillac Bier Garten with an outdoor bar. This means you have have a beer or glass of wine while you’re doing your holiday shopping.

If you continue past the Cadillac Bier Garten you will find the Cadillac Lounge, which is probably my favorite place out of everything we saw today.

The lodge is heated and is just a really cozy place to hang out for a bit.

If I didn’t know any better I would think we were transported to a sky lodge in the Rockies.

There are a few places inside the Lodge that would be perfect to capture a family picture.

I don’t know about you, but shopping makes me hungry. You will be able to get bar snacks, desserts and cocktails from Central Kitchen + Bar and Cortina Local inside the Cadillac Lodge.

We have now completed our tour of the Cadillac Market. We’re continuing our walk through the esplanade down the middle of Woodward.

There will be a new lighting display that connects Campus Martius to Spirit Plaza.

On the way you will also find some penguin topiary.

The next stop is Spirit Plaza. While it wasn’t finished when we went to see it. It should be complete by tomorrow.

There are a total of six igloos. There will be three vendors; Good Cakes & Bakes, Detroit Marshmallow Co., and New Order Coffee Roaster.

You will be able to warm up in the other three igloos.

Spirit Plaza will also have an ice maze and a place to roast marshmallows.

We’re almost finished with this tour. As Nature Cat would say “onward and yonward!”

The final spot is the market in Capital Park.

If you feel like hanging out with some friends around the fire, then you should head to Capital Park.

Capital Park also has a handful of glass huts with vendors.

You will be able to find The Detroit Shoppe, Flamingo Vintage, and Black Vinyl.

Also check out the newest spot in Capital Park, Eatori. They will be serving up hot soups, grilled cheese, and beverages.

There is one more special thing about the Capital Park Market, Christmas trees.

If you live in downtown Detroit you can now pick up your fresh Christmas tree in Capital Park.

So there you have it. This year’s Bedrock’s holiday shopping extravaganza.

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PODCAST: The Future Of Automotive & Mobility With Glenn Stevens of MichAuto Thu, 16 Nov 2017 21:54:04 +0000

What’s the future for Detroit & Michigan’s all important automotive sector?

This week Sven Gustafson’s guest across the table is Glenn Stevens, the Executive Director of MichAuto and we do a deep dive ahead of the MichAuto Summit on December 5 & 6.

Getting into the weeds is what we do and it’s a fascinating conversation if you’re connected to this industry or want Detroit’s economy to move forward. We touch on the auto industry, autonomous vehicles, venture capital investment, and what the future of mobility looks like.

Talent is a huge piece of that puzzle, and automotive and mobility companies are looking for Detroit’s best and brightest.

The summit at the College for Creative Studies will go further than our conversation tonight, and if you’re interested in working in the auto industry you might want to check it out. 

Thanks to Queens Bar for being host this week and Podcast Detroit for all of their support.

If you like the show, considering subscribing on Apple Podcasts:

Or Google Play:

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