Dial-A-Podcast: Listen to the Daily Detroit Podcast by Phone

The team at Daily Detroit is excited and proud to launch Dial-A-Podcast. If you don’t have a computer or smartphone but want to listen to our daily podcast, now you can!


Dial-A-Podcast Phone Number

Dial the phone number to connect and you’ll have the option to listen to the latest episode or the previous episode. If you call from a smartphone, we can send you a link where you can subscribe to the podcast. And, if you want to leave us a message, you can do that too!

Phone connected to Dial-A-Podcast
Give Dial-A-Podcast a call!


First, give us a call at 313-789-3211. Listen to the prompts and make your choice. Did you miss the options? Here they are! Press the number or say the word:

  1. “Latest”: Hear the latest episode of the Daily Detroit podcast
  2. “Previous”: Hear the previous episode of the Daily Detroit podcast.
  3. “Subscribe”: To get a link to subscribe to the Daily Detroit podcast. If you’re calling from a cellphone, we’ll text you a link to a page that has instructions on how to subscribe.
  4. “Voicemail”: To leave us a voicemail. Press # when you’re done! Make sure you tell us your first name and where you live—we might play your message on the Daily Detroit podcast.

Why We Created Dial-A-Podcast

As of 2017, 40% of Detroiters do not have broadband internet access according to Kaleigh Rogers, writing for Vice Motherboard. Not even on their phone.

We want to make sure that smart conversations and the latest in all-local stories are available as many people as possible, and with Dial-A-Podcast it can be done through any phone line.

Whether you call from a landline, a feature phone, or even a smartphone, you can listen to the two most recent episodes of the Daily Detroit podcast.

Do you have questions or feedback about Dial-A-Podcast? If so, please reach out to us via our Contact Us page.