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3/Detroit: Showing another dimension of the city we love

Technology is ever-changing. The things that can be done today would seem like alien technology to people 100 years. Detroit has changed a lot, too. It’s seen its ups and downs – but one thing remains.

Detroit is beautiful.

Our friend Nev over at – a Detroit based 3D photography company providing virtual walkthroughs of retail space in Metro Detroit – partnered with us at Daily Detroit to share some of Detroit right on your computer or 3-D device.

Truespaces has included a selection of spaces below, and will be rolling out new spaces every two weeks. To get there, we need your suggestions as to the places you’d like to virtually step in most.

The experiences work on your computer or smartphone, but even cooler, it’s compatible with Samsung Gear VR, allowing you to immerse yourself in a full virtual reality experience wherever you are. Just make sure you’re sitting down!

You can harness the power of 3D! Get in touch with our sponsor,, and find out what they can do for you.

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Where in Metro Detroit should we go next?

We’re taking reader suggestions on where we should go next! Is there a mansion, a building, or a space you’ve always wanted to see? Email us at for consideration.

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