Daily Detroit is an all-digital daily publication focusing on what to know and where to go in Metro Detroit.

We provide our readers the content they love in a way that fits the fast-paced, 21st century lifestyle and they can’t help but share with their friends.

We’re the information source for people who want to explore the city and region, for those looking for the newest or under-the-radar find or the under-reported story; for interesting things to talk about; for those who care about the city, region, and pushing it forward.

8 Things To Know About Daily Detroit:

  • We believe in Detroit and working together for a better region by pushing Detroit’s conversation forward
  • We’re on the ground. From development stories to the best burger in town and everything in between, we’re there. For our lists, we’ve tried all the things. For our reviews, we’ve gone to and tried the place. 
  • We are timely, relevant, fun and entertaining
  • We are solution-oriented, focused more on policy than politics
  • We meet our readers where they are – on social media, email and their smartphones
  • We’re digital natives, and so is most of our audience. As such, we utilize multimedia platforms like video and podcasts that our readers can enjoy anywhere, at any time, using the medium that best tells the story
  • Our audience is 60 percent female, 40 percent male, and is mostly under the age of 40 (predominantly ages 25-34)
  • 1.5 Million people used our site in 2015, and we’re on pace to shatter that in 2016

We started this because we were tired of seeing more of the same in Detroit media, and thought there were many stories not told or not told in a way that people will pay attention. We wanted to take a fresh, fair, and meaningful approach to informing Metro Detroiters about their region told in voice we could relate to. This has resonated with an ever-growing audience.

We Love Local

We know our readers want to hear from local business, so our goal is to create advertising so remarkable that our audience would be angry if it went away. To us, it’s not just a necessary evil that pays for our work, but a valuable opportunity to make our work better, and help build the profiles of our partners.

The types of ways we could work together for sponsorships:

  • Banner ads (competitively priced, but not dirt cheap)
  • Email newsletter (reach thousands per email, or do a weekly recurring sponsorship to make sure your brand is front of mind)
  • Sponsored posts (clearly labeled sponsored posts or sections)
  • Events (we can work together to make an event that pushes Detroit’s discussion forward and highlights your organization)

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